Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Belly that Slaps

I got slapped on a bus today. I was just there minding my own business, listening to some Lana Del Rey and suddenly something softish smacks me on the side of the face and all I see is this round protrusion sticking out from this guy's jacket.

I couldn't believe it. I stared at him as he proceeded sideways down the narrow center aisle of the bus and people tilted their heads to the side to avoid his marshmallowy tummy as it moved past them.

I've never understood how anyone could allow their tummy to stick so far out like that. I mean it was so large I suspect he uses it as an armrest often. I doubt he can see his feet if he stood up straight. There was absolutely no way that was healthy.

I've always been very disdainful of fat people. I don't think we were naturally meant to have so much fat on us especially around the middle section where it looks particularly disgusting.

My mother has had four kids and doesn't have love handles, where do you, 23 years old(or younger) get off having them? What's your excuse? As young as you still are you should have the energy to exercise. Run, swim, walk or if you can join a gym. Just don't expect me to accept your love handle because I will always, always, always find them disgusting.

I'm just saying. Peace!!!

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