Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making Love or Just Plain Fucking?

So my editor has guilted me in to writing something, he sent me an email talking about lazying about; I replied that as the "talent" I could tell him to jump off a bridge and he said whatever rocks my boat.

He has the unique ability to make me feel guilty for doing something wrong and that's why I'm glad he wanted to work with me. So I'm writing this post to make sure he doesn't quit on me. I'm also doing it directly from my phone, something I haven't doing in forever.

The other day I was walking with two of my girlfriends and the conversation turned to sex, as it's wont to do every so often when on campus, and they talked; I was just walked along listening and smiling, as they went on about weird and awesome places to have sex.

Pools, planes, the beach, public bathrooms and of course cars were mentioned. When we got to cars, one said something that I found fascinating; she asked us if we ever had fucked in a car! I said no, Sally, my other friend, said yeah. Sally then said that you have to be careful not to shake the car too much or you may get caught. However, Eva was of the opinion that if the car isn't shaking, then you aren't fucking, you're making love.

We laughed out loud for several minutes but it really got me thinking about the difference between making love and fucking/having sex/shagging. According to these girls no holds barred, rock the bed, wake the neighbours up sex is fucking while the gentler, slower more sensual rocking together is making love.

I don't know, I don't think I'm experienced enough to tell the difference. Okay that sounds bad, like I don't have sex...*sigh* Anyway I don't know and have never really thought about it. What do y'all think? Sound out in the comments, or just tell us of your own experience, anonymously if you like;) Peace!!


  1. Sorry, I have absolutely no experience here so I can't help :-D

  2. :-D Mine isn't vast enough to comment much either

  3. My ex wife had two different kinds of sex. the kind that takes about 2 or 3 hours, and you end up coming together, and the other kind.....she was an exhibitionist we would go to another part of town and fuck in public and I mean fuck, she wanted it hard and fast....and loud, you wouldn't believe where she liked it the most, would you believe in shopping malls on the benches right in the middle of the mall......the more people who stopped to watch in disbelief the hotter she would get, one time a security guard came and tried to stop us as soon as he touched her she started to have an orgasm, that was the only time I ever saw her squirt, and the little crowd that had gathered all started to clap......I must admit I did this stuff for her, but I tell you it was some of the best fucking I have ever had

  4. hehe you dawg!!!