Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I read so much...

...and how I came to be short-sighted.

why am I talking about these things in the same post? Well It's because one is related to the other. I bet you're wondering how.

When I was younger, much younger than I am now, I'm guessing when I was about 12 and a half, the TV in out house broke. My baby sis, whom I love very much, while in the stage where babies are beginning to walk using other objects as support, was leaning against the TV and pushed it over.

I wasn't there when it happened but that single event had a massive effect onn my life. At the time my parents didn't have enough money to replace the TV (It was a very cash strapped time in all our lifes) so we stayed without one for over a year.

Since we didn't have a TV, it fell upon me to find other ways to entertain myself when I got back from school. I spent a lot of time trolling the school library for Hardy Boy books. I read the entire series-the original one-and even some of the new ones.

What has all this got to do with why I now wear glasses now? Well when I finally got into reading Hardy Boys, a couple of friends and I used to compete on who would read the most books. This lead me to do a book a night! It's probably also the reason I can read I read much faster than most people.

However in the beginning I would still have a chapter or two to go when my bed time would came. So I'd leave the door to my room open so that I could use the light from the corridor to read my books.

Unfortunately this light wasn't very bright so it caused me to squint when reading and so I slowly spoilt my eyes this way. After more than 6 months reading like this I couldn't see the classroom board even if I sat in the front.

I don't regret that my eyesight deterioated becausse of books. The pleasure I derived from the books I read and the knowledge I continued and continue to get from them continues to feed my soul. Sounds like non-sense I know but books are the one thing I can always turn to to take my mind of things. to emmerse myself in someone else's thoughts and escape reality for a little bit. Peace!!!


  1. It does not sound like nonsense at all, at least not to me. Soul food is important, if you ask me.

  2. It does not sound like nonsense at all, at least not to me. Soul food is important, if you ask me.