Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another fashion rant

Okay it's been a while that I've done a post on fashion so today I'm taking the time out of very empty schedule to bless you all with my knowledge. Before we go on, I have no idea why my fashion posts never get any comments even though I'm usually telling you guys the truth as I see it. And I'm always right.:) So know on to the rant.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My depression

There's something horribly wrong with me, I've not been feeling good at all emotionally and I'm not sure what it is. For the past one week or so I've been having really weird mood swings. And it's gotten so bad I actually slapped my sis today morning. Yes, she was being unusually unreasonable but still thinking back at it, there where better ways to deal with the situation. Though this isn't exactly the first time I've felt like this this particular bout feels particularly worse.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vote for me!

@eGichomo recently launched his Kenya Blog Contest asking people to vote for their favourite Kenyan blog. Voting is currently on going and as of the time of writing this post this blog was leading with 33 votes. Thanks guys! However polls will close on 30th of this month after which the winner will be announced. There are three categories:
Art Award: Recognition and appreciation of poetry. Creativity, choice of words, originality and show of talent.
Beauty Award: Best layout, design, cool features, attractiveness and finest integration of themes and magnificence.
Action Award: Pursuit of ingenuity. Most interactive and frequent in content update.

We're only under the Action Award category(I don't know why I'm not in the beauty award. I really worked hard on the design and layout of this blog*sulking*) So this is an appeal, an appeal for you to vote for me! Please? I like winning, and I'm sure with your help I can do it! You can vote by clicking on the image now competing for attention with the blog title at top of this page, the vote for me image above or just clicking here. Also be sure to vote for people in the other categories, but only after you've voted for me:). If you know how to rig do so, after all this is Kenya:-D (I just couldn't resist) 30th is a long way away let's hope we still winning then. Here's to me winning. Peace!!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drug Addiction

A bottle of Recipect® over-the-counter cough m...Image via Wikipedia
Today I'm in a weird mood and as always when that happens I do an unusual post. I've been thinking about addiction a lot recently. I'll let you know why in a moment. First definition:
Drug addiction is a state of periodic or chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of a drug (natural or synthetic). Its characteristics include: (i) an overpowering desire or need (compulsion) to continue taking the drug and to obtain it by any means; (ii) a tendency to increase the dose; (iii) a psychic (psychological) and generally a physical dependence on the effects of the drug; and (iv) detrimental effects on the individual and on society. (Wikipedia)

Recently, I was very sick with the flu on some very powerful meds which would cause me to fall asleep within 10 minutes. Yeah, powerful stuff. After a few days on them, it was probably 4 days, I became quite used to to the feeling it gave me when I took it: it was like a comfortable sleepy feeling, it made me feel content and sent me into a rather restful dreamless sleep. I actually began to look forward to taking my meds at the end of the day. When my dose was finally over I actually wanted to continue taking them.:) 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Drop the world...

I've got ice my veins
Blood in my eyes
Hate in my heart
Love on mind
I've seen nights full of pain
Days are the same
You keep the sunshine
Save me the rain
I search but never find
Hurt but never cry
I work and forever try
But I'm cursed so never mind
And its worse but better times seem further and beyond
The top gets higher the more I climb
The spot gets smaller and I get bigger
Trying to get in where I fit in no room for a nigga
But soon for a nigga it'll be on mother fucker
Coz all this bullshit makes me strong mother fucker

These are the lyrics constituiting the first verse of Lil' Wayne's song Drop the World ft Eminem. Lil Wayne is one of my favourite artists and Eminem is my favourite artist. I like this particular song because I feel it describes me perfectly past, present and hopefully future.

So what do I mean by this let me give you an example:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear cdohnio... (letter to my 13 year old self)

Yesterday @Chiira tagged me in one of his posts, "To thirteen year old me", and that tasked me to write a letter to the thirteen year old me. Wow, 13 years old, that was a good year. It was a handful of years back. what would I say to myself?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looks are deceiving (Random Acts of Kindness pt2)

This is the follow up post on Random Acts of Kindness in which I promised to say something more about this incident:
Once I was walking down the steps of the brigde at Posta City Square when this old lady, some way a head of me, dropped her bag and it rolled down the steps. I watched expecting someone to give her a hand and pick it up for her but no one did. I waited for a bit but nothing. I had to get ahead of her and picked it up for her. She was already carrying a lot and if she had bent to pick up that bag she might have dropped a lot more.

So a few days after this happened I happened to catch a conversation on radio about how women dress and whether that should be the thing that attracts people most to a girl. Whether a girl should judged on what she's wearing. One person said that he doesn't care what's on the outside only the inside. And I thought what bullshit! Let me explain.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Today's post is a simple one. As the title suggests its all about acts of kindness that I've seen and or done in this great nation of ours, Kenya. I've had the opportunity to interact with several people in my still young life and I hope to interact with several more. One thing I've realised is that the way we treat the people can and probably will affect us and the person for some time to come.

While this post is about kindness, I feel it would be unfair not to include this; the way one person in an institution treats a person may determine how someone feels about it for the rest of their lives. I'll forever take this to heart as I go through life and when I start my own company.

Anyway onto the random acts of kindness:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank YOU!

This is a new month and with it has come several things to be greatful for! Infact it's because of that I'm doing this post. At the time of writing this I'm feeling very content. Its the night after an awesome event, Wamathai's Spoken Word.

@Wamathai was celebrating the birthday of his poetry and short story blog There was quite a crowd there! We, i.e Kenyan bloggers, are so very proud of him! He has proved that big things can come from blogging.

I meet so many people there and one of my favouite bloggers was performing, @Savvykenya. I was there to support her and I think I over did it with the shouting and the cheering because someone called me a groupie. Hmmm, that wouldn't be far off but I won;t explain that here or now, maybe in a future post. Did I mention she was in a green dress? I didn't?? Well she looked hot!!

But even she had nothing on on someone who I consider to have been the best dressed of the night, @Joliea. She have on a purple shirt with a pair of fitting 3\4 shorts.(these are becaming increasingly fashionable, perhaps another trend?) She looked stunting! There were other ladies there looking good but for me she stood out. It's unfortunate but I didn't get a picture!